Sms Children's Day Message

All those moments of innocent wonders,
of enjoying as if there is no tomorrow,
of sharing whatever little we possessed,
It seems it was only yesterday.

On Children's Day
I wish all your memories put a smile on your face.
Happy Children's Day!

Children's Day Text Message

Childhood is
An enchanting vista
An endless fun
A joyful classroom
An experience
An era of imagination
An artistic journey
An ode to love
A happy moment.

Happy Children's Day

Mahavir Jayanti sms

Close your eyes let me pray for you.
GOD please protect and bless
this wonderful person
who is not closing his eyes
while I pray and smiling
before even I say Happy Mahavir Jayanti!

Sms Children's Day Quote

Every child must know that he is a miracle,
that since the beginning of the world there hasn't been,
and until the end of the world there will not be,
another child like him.

Gandhi Jayanti Text Message

He taught world the lesson of Truth & Non-violence.
Man who was so simple yet so complicated that he was driving a whole nation.
That is Mahatma Gandhi: The Father of Nation.
Today is Gandhi Ji's Birthday. Lets celebrate this valued moment of Gandhi Jayanti.

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